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How to Avoid the Unexpected Consequences of Your DEI Policy

10/12/2023 1:37 PM | Valentina Dingle (Administrator)

By Vanessa M. Conzon | Harvard Business Review

Summary: Will the DEI policy you’re about to implement actually hurt some of the people you’re trying to help? New research on this question shows that, yes, this can happen if you fail to take a systems-level view — but the good news is there are three key ways to avoid unintended consequences. First, consider subgroups. Think about variation within the group of people the policy is aimed at helping; for example, whether the experiences of most women employees might differ from women managers. Second, think big. Recognize that the interactions between people at your organization are diverse and complex. When policies reverberate, they can harm groups or subgroups in unanticipated ways. Third, track closely. Monitor the policy as it is being rolled out for any negative effects on employees.

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