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4 Ways To Fight The War On Diversity & Inclusion

04/09/2024 9:56 AM | Valentina Dingle (Administrator)

Sheree AtchesonContributor - Forbes

Embracing diversity and fostering inclusion all sound like reasonable and positive things, right? Bringing everyone to the table, learning from eachother, understanding differences and working together. Yet, recently, more and more we’re hearing about the “war on diversity and inclusion”, with prominent people like Elon Musk openly posturing against it, and dozens of Republican law makers targeting diversity efforts on campus and in the workplace. This isn’t limited to the United States either. We’ve seen in the U.K. where politicians lean heavily into the “war on woke”, stoking culture wars and using the same rhetoric filled with inflammatories.

More and more, we’ve seen this kind of inflammatory, aggressive language and approach against a strategy which ultimately aims to create fairer systems. That seems odd, right? However, unfortunately, we live in a world now, fuelled by social media snippets and online personalities, that has, at times, enabled a rhetoric that removes all ability for just an open and civil conversation.

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Two groups of activists protesting against each other

Utilising data, providing clarity, embedding story-telling, continuing support are 4 ways to combat the war on diversity and inclusion. GETTY

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