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Candid Conversations: Going Beyond the Inclusion Illusion

Location: Virtual 

3:00 - 4:00 PM ET



Who Gets to Belong in Corporate America?

Location: Virtual 

1:00 - 2:00 PM ET



Demystifying Culture: Building an Inclusive Culture the Lasts

Location: Virtual 

12:00 - 1:00 PM ET 

Upcoming events

    • 12/16/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • virtual

    What is required to create and sustain an inclusive culture?

    This highly interactive webinar will demystify culture and introduce you to a blueprint for culture change that you can implement immediately in your own organization.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Gain new insights into what culture is, and how to create, sustain, and change it
    • Discover which traits in your existing culture help or hinder the creation of an inclusive culture
    • Find out how to build the business case for an inclusive culture in your organization

    This is a free event. Read more and register HERE.

Past events

11/18/2021 Who Gets to Belong in Corporate America?
11/15/2021 Candid Conversations: Going Beyond the Inclusion Illusion
11/08/2021 Engaging Religious Diversity in the Workplace
10/21/2021 Identifying and Eliminating Systemic Barriers to Employment for Immigrants and Refugees
10/08/2021 NH Rehabilitation Association Annual Conference
09/23/2021 Matters of Diversity: 2021 Virtual Roundtable #4
09/09/2021 Matters of Diversity: 2021 Virtual Roundtable #3
08/19/2021 Matters of Diversity: 2021 Virtual Roundtable #2
08/05/2021 Matters of Diversity: 2021 Virtual Roundtables
07/15/2021 Connecting ERGs During Distanced and Polarized Times
06/17/2021 A Psychologically Safe Workplace is the New Normal
06/02/2021 ENCORE: NH Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge
05/20/2021 When Our Identities Conflict:
05/06/2021 Religion in the Workplace:
05/05/2021 NHBSR Sustainable Business Conference
04/15/2021 From Bystander to Ally
04/01/2021 Matter More Chats
03/12/2021 Love Your Life: 2nd Annual Leadership Brunch & Service Expo
03/09/2021 Annual DEI Conference
03/04/2021 Lessons from the Field
02/18/2021 Race: More Than Just Talk - Exploring White Privilege
02/11/2021 Special Preview: A Healthy Workplace in the Age of COVID - Why Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma Matter
02/03/2021 Removing the Red & Blue Divide: What it Means for Corporate America and Belonging
02/02/2021 Rebecca Carroll: Surviving the White Gaze
01/21/2021 Inclusive Team Building in a Virtual Environment
01/19/2021 The Quest for Racial Justice
01/18/2021 House on Fire Gospel Concert: A Celebration of MLK
01/18/2021 NH Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge
12/17/2020 More Than Just Talk: The Impact of Systemic Racism
12/17/2020 Eight Strategies for Creating a More Inclusive Volunteer Program
10/23/2020 Diversity Talent Retention Strategy Roundtable
10/20/2020 NH Summit on Systemic Inclusion
10/16/2020 Diversity Talent Acquisition Strategy Roundtable
08/26/2020 Stopping the Blame Game – Moving Beyond Diversity Training to Inclusion
08/19/2020 De-Biasing Techniques
08/12/2020 Leveraging Business Resource Groups as a Business Asset
08/05/2020 Diversity, Inclusion, and Biases Toward LGBTQIA
07/29/2020 Measuring Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
07/22/2020 A Leader’s Perspective: Unconscious Bias
07/09/2020 Forum on Race: More Than Just Talk #2
06/26/2020 Diversity in the Granite State
03/12/2020 Engaging Across Differences - Let's Get Real About D&I
01/29/2020 Winter Meet-and-Greet
12/06/2019 Caregivers in the Workplace
11/05/2019 Hiring and Supporting Veterans
10/15/2019 Women in Tech: Seeing Past Bias
06/04/2019 Breaking Down Walls and Building Bridges
04/29/2019 Symposium 2.0 on Race & Equity in NH
03/14/2019 Networking Event with Economic Vitality
03/14/2019 Building and Sustaining a Diverse Workforce
12/06/2018 The Ethics of Board Diversity
11/08/2018 Hiring Veterans: From Recruitment to Assimilation
10/28/2018 HR Strategic Conference
10/19/2018 2018 Black New England Conference & Awards Dinner
10/10/2018 Employment Leadership Award
10/09/2018 Women in Technology: Seeing Herself There
10/05/2018 NEW HAMPSHIRE REHABILITATION ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Tools for Making a Difference in Today’s World
09/18/2018 Manchester Welcoming Week
06/12/2018 How Website Accessibility Affects Your Recruitment Efforts
05/22/2018 Celebrating Women Techmakers and Their Tech Journey
04/18/2018 International Institute of New England Open House
04/18/2018 Immigration 101: Social and Ethical Considerations
04/12/2018 Building Inclusion in Today’s Organizations
03/21/2018 Why Inclusion Matters: Advancing Educational Equity Through Collective Impact
11/07/2017 Hiring Veterans: From Recruitment to Assimilation
10/29/2017 Fireside Chat at the HR Strategic Conference
10/04/2017 Women in Technology
06/27/2017 Framework for Diversity and Inclusion
06/20/2017 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
03/23/2017 Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Tomorrow's Workforce: What is it, where are they and how do we keep them
02/16/2017 A Night of Networking
03/16/2016 Why Empathy Matters: Defeating Bullying and Incivility in the Workplace
01/26/2016 Hiding in Plain Sight: How Implicit Biases Hinder Inclusion in Selection and Promotion Strategies
01/13/2016 Diamonds in the Rough: How Vermont HITEC prepares people with ability and desire for new careers
09/22/2015 When Work Works

The Diversity Workforce Coalition comprises employers and other community members whose dual purpose is to promote diversity in the workplace through education, training, and enhanced networking opportunities, and to identify and connect resources to its members and the public.

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